Subtitles Editor  
Subtitles and lyrics database and editor main window 

Subtitles Editor is a database of subtitles and lyrics you can collect.
It has also a editor that lets you edit synchronized timelines with the playback.

You can view subtitles or lyrics text while  listening to the audio, video files or watch movie.

With Subtitles Editor you can:

Create a database of subtitles and lyrics.
Create timelines out of subtitles and lyrics text and synchronize them with files playback time.
  Import popular SRT subtitle files from the Internet. SRT subtitles are already synchronized, so you can watch movies with subtitles  without further editing.
View subtitles text lines during the playback on main software window or on Mini Media Player or Full Video Screen
  Import and export subtitles from other software features such as Media Library and CD catalog.
See where the subtitles text can be displayed on main software window
The screenshot isfrom our Home Multimedia Library program but these programs share the same interface so...

Online manual page of Subtitles Editor is available here


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