Introducing Sprintbit Playlist Manager

Introducing Sprintbit Playlist Manager

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Sprintbit Playlist Manager is software dedicated to create, edit and manage playlist but has many other features.
It also has built-in multimedia players and playback scheduling features.

What you can do with the Playlist Manager:
Playlists Management Capabilities:

Create playlist files in all popular formats like .m3u .m3u8 .asx .pls .b4s .wpl .wax .wvx .wmx .ppl .smp .xpif .zpl .pla
You can create playlist manually using Easy Playlist Editor or Playlist Editor or create them directly on disk using Direct Playlist Creator
See Playlist Types topic for more information about supported playlist files
Edit playlist and their properties
Convert between different playlist format files in a snap.
Store playlist source files in database
Tools for editing playlist files paths


Playback Capabilities:


Play audio files. You can play all of major audio file types and some of less popular. See the full list of supported audio files.
Play video files. You can play all of major video. See the full list of supported video files.
Play internet media stream, this includes files located on server and Internet radio stations.
Apply a variety of effects to audio playback.        
Play files in normal, full screen mode or in a standalone window
Play encrypted files
Easily set the audio device to use if you have more than one sound card installed on your computer.
Maximize your listening experience with Subtitles & Pictures features. Create a database of subtitles and synchronize them with playback
Trace your favorite files playback frequency in Playback Statistics feature.


Scheduling Capabilities:


Schedule media playback at given time using Scheduler
Play parts of media files using Bookmarks Systems
Schedule media playback on daily basis at given time using Daily Scheduler
Schedule media playback on weekly basis at given time using Weekly Scheduler
Start software with computer and perform scheduled tasks


Files Management Capabilities:


Work directly with your files on your computer by use of File Browser.
File Browser allows you easy add media files to playlist or other software features.
Perform file management tasks such as file deleting, renaming, copying etc.
Search for files in your computer


Software has configurable interface that allows you to change colors, fonts and skins.

Everything can be done just by one click; it can't be any easier and faster.

We continually work to improve our software. As part of this effort, we develop updates and fixes very often.


What is the playlist?

A playlist is a customized list of the files that you want to listen or watch to.

It enables you to group various media content together to be played in any order that you specify.

For example, you could create a playlist that includes a couple of tracks from various CDs and media files from hard disk. Playlist group media content and store the location of media content.