Playlist Editor - Overview

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Playlist Editor is a an advanced editor, a workplace where you can create, edit and manage your playlist.

See here all supported playlist formats.

Playlist Editor works with your local files with conjunction with built-in File Browser. You can add or drop files from that browser to your playlist.
Playlist Editor works also with any other Files Explorer as well, you can drag your media files from Windows Explorer and drop them on Playlist Editor window to have those files added to a playlist.

In addition you can also use it without a files browser too, many commands for playlist editing are provided.

The Playlist Editor's window is divided into a three parts:


Ribbon Bar, which is grouping all the commands you can use to work with playlist items and files

These commands are grouped into the following ribbon bar pages:


Create Playlist, Playback, Path, Tools

To switch between these pages click on a page header.


Playlist Editor
A list of playlist with their items you are editing.
How to create a new playlist:
To create a new playlist simply add files to editor, you can do it in the following way:


1. Select a media files or folders in File Browser and:

 a) click the Add As New button at the bar to add files or

  b) drag selected items from browser and drop onto empty editors space.


2. Go to Import & Export page and click the Empty Playlist button to create an empty playlist

3. Also in Import & Export page click the Insert button to open a window where you can add items to playlist or  create a new playlist


How to edit existing playlist:
To edit a playlist simply add playlist files to editor, you can do it in the following ways:


1. Select a playlist files in File Browser and:

 a) click the Add Files button at the bar to add files or

  b) drag selected playlists from browser and drop onto editor's space.

2.  Load existing playlist from your Playlists Database

Descriptions of list columns:



This column displays icons of media files


This column displays titles of media files. These titles may be different than original media file name.

At the first time when you add a new file, the title is taken from file name but you can change it.

To do so double click on the cell and edit the title.


These cells display media files playback time.

You cannot edit these cells directly. You can use Update Playback Time command from Tools menu if




Path to a file or an Internet address. This can be either absolute or relative path.




Playlist Properties Editor

Playlist Properties Editor is dedicated to edit properties of your playlists


See the Playlist Editor - Playlist Properties topic for more details