Playlist Converter

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Playlist Converter is simply and easy to use but yet powerful feature that let you to convert between different playlist formats.

It works directly with playlist on disk so it's fast and convenient


To open a Playlists Converter window click on the Converter button located at main software window ribbon bar in Media\Managers group


The Playlists Converter window is divided into a three major parts:

File Browser for browsing computer and selecting playlist files you want to convert.
Tree View  for browsing computer and selecting the destination folder where to save converted playlists (optionally)
Navigation Bar for executing commands and choosing converter options


How to convert playlists:


1.Select playlist files in the Playlists Converter own File Browser. You can select folders with playlists as well.
The File Browser is initially set to show only playlists files so when browsing your computer you will not see any other files just the playlists
2.Choose the output playlist format at 'Convert To' page:

This group contains a list of available playlist formats. Please select to which format you want to convert selected playlists


3. Select the destination where you want to store converted playlist at "Save Converted Playlist In" group
This group of options contains a few options that will tell the software where to save your converted playlists:
You can choose to save in:

In Files Folder

Save converted playlist in the same folders where the source playlist file is located

In Destination Folder

Save converted playlist into the destination folder selected at destination folder browser

In Playlists Database

Store converted playlist into a Playlists Database

Playlist Editor

Save converted playlist in Playlist Editor

3.Click the Convert button located at navigation bar to begin


How it works:

Playlists Converter converts between a variety playlist formats. Some formats do not accept certain media file types, there are playlists formats that accept only video files for example WXV.

The converter during conversion will check out whether files are compatible with output playlist type or not, so in the result some of output files might have the reduced number of included files.



Commands available on the navigation bar



Start conversion of selected playlists to a format specified at Convert To page


Opens Playlist Converter Wizard


Opens help topic file



Cancel conversion, button is visible in the bottom-right corner of main software window. It is visible only during the conversion.



This group contains a few options you may use:

Search recursively

You can select the folders in File Browser as well, in that case all playlist found in selected folder will be converted too if this option is enabled.

Create simple M3U playlist

Create simple M3U playlist type when converting to M3U playlist


Modify Items Title:  Include Artist, Modify Items Title:  Include Title

When converting playlist's items software will modify the title and include in the output title only artist or title info.


When you have in your input playlist items like:

C:\Directory\My Group - My song.mp3 then normally you will receive in the output playlist items titles like My Group - My song


If you select Modify Items Title:  Include Artist then only artist part My Group will be taken from the input title and included into an output title

If you select Modify Items Title:  Include Title then only artist part My song will be taken from the input title and included into an output title


To succeed you must have in your playlists paths to files formatted as My Group - My song with the - separator