Playback Scheduler Lists Collection

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Lists Collection

This a whole collection of your parent lists with files to play. Each parent list may include unlimited number of files.

To create a parent list click the New List button located within Lists Collection Group of commands


To use a parent list with Playback Scheduler simply add files to some list and then load a selected list by clicking on the Load button



List Columns:

List Name

A name of your list, you can edit this cell directly to change the list name if necessary.


A description of list, this is optional data.


A date when list was created


Navigation Bar

A navigation bar is located on the right side of lists collection and contains all the commands for managing lists
Commands are grouped into a few groups;


Lists Collection Group



Load List

Load files to play from selected parent list into playback scheduler list. You can also have the files loaded automatically when you select a parent list with mouse.

The load behavior is controlled by the Load List On Mouse Selection property, see Options below.


New List

Creates new parent list. Created list is empty and you can start to adding files to the list.


Delete Selected Lists

Delete selected parent lists


Delete All

Delete all parent lists from your lists collection. All files that belong to parent lists will be removed too.


List Collection

Opens a Print Preview window where from you may print playlists or export their data to many external formats like PDF HTM TXT and more.


Options Group

This group contains a few options for managing lists of the scheduler system


Confirm list items removal

If this option is selected then you will be asked to confirm before items removal

Confirm new list creation

If this option is selected then you will be asked to confirm before new list is created.

Turn on at startup

Select this option if you want to load last used list and start the playback when Scheduler window opens

Load List On Mouse Selection

If this option is selected then files from list will loaded automatically when you select a list on Lists Collection

Load last list

If this option is selected then last used list is automatically loaded, otherwise you will have to use the Load command to load list manually.