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Subtitles are textual versions of the dialog in films, television programs, karaoke and music lyrics usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.
With Sprintbit Playlist Manager you can also listen to your music, watch video clips or movies and see the subtitles text.


To open a Subtitles Editor window click on the Subtitles Editor button located at Main toolbar > Tools tab  > Tools group.

You can use this feature to collect, organize and keep subtitles text of your songs or movies

All subtitles text you can store in the software Subtitles Database.

When you start the playback of some media file then the software will look into a subtitles database for the title of that media file and load its subtitles text to view on software windows.


In order to view subtitles the subtitles text must be synchronized with the playback.

This feature lets you synchronize that text, create and edit so called timeline for your media files.
Shortly, the timeline is a set of text lines, one by one of some subtitles text. You can do it manually or import SRT files.

The software can import popular SRT subtitle files. They are available in the Internet to download and are already synchronized with the playback.


Many of us organizes a collection of media files in our disks.
The most used and  preferred format of media file title is "Artist - Song name" so we would recommend to use that naming approach.

Sprintbit Playlist Manager will recognize subtitles and load the timeline from the database after the media file title!
This is how it works:

So for example if you have on a disk a media file like:

C:\My Music\Some Band\Artist - Song name.mp3
and you will want to assign a subtitles to that file then create a title in subtitles database for that file, with the same name; like Artist - Song name and that's all.

When you start the playback of that file Sprintbit Playlist Manager will show on its windows its subtitles.