Direct Playlist Creator

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Direct Playlist Creator is a tool that let you fast & easy create playlist files based on your folders contents without needing to add media files manually to Playlist Editors.

Basically you will be able to create a playlist files with a few mouse clicks only.

To open a Direct Playlist Creator window click on the Creator button located at main software window ribbon bar in Media\Managers group


The Direct Playlist Creator window is divided into a three major parts:

File Browser for browsing computer for media files.
Tree View  for browsing computer and selecting the destination folder (optionally)
Navigation Bar for executing commands and choosing creator's options


How to create playlists:

1.Select media files or folders with files File Browser (not the main File Browser but Direct Playlist Creator's own browser)
2.Choose the output playlist format at 'Playlist Type' page
Playlist Type

This group contains a list of available playlist formats. Please select the format in which you want to create playlist
3.Select the destination where you want to store created playlist at 'Save Created Playlist Into' group

This group contains a list of available options that will tell the software where store your new playlists:
You can choose to save into:

Into Files Folder

Save created playlist in the same folders where the source files are located

Into Destination Folder

Save created playlist in destination folder selected at destination folder tree view

Into Playlists Database

Save converted playlist in Playlists Database

Into Playlist Editor

Save created playlist in Playlist Editor

Into Media Player

Save created playlist in Media Player

4.Select how to create playlist names.
Playlist Name Creation Method

As parent folder name

If this option is selected then playlist will be named after folder name where the files are located

For example if a file is located in C:\Artist Folder\Album Folder\File.mp3 then playlist will be named "Album Folder"

Parent folder (Artist) folders (Albums)

The  playlist names will be assigned in the same way as in above, the only difference between these two options is that here

playlist names will have Artist information included. Parent folder name will be assigned for Artist name

For example if a file is located in C:\Artist Folder\Album Folder\File.mp3 then playlist will be named "Artist Folder - Album Folder"

My Name

This option will let you create playlist with custom name. Enter the playlist name into a text box below this option.

5. Click the Create Playlists button located at navigation bar to begin


How it works:

Direct Playlist Creator creating playlist based on media files found in your folders. Some playlist formats does not accepts certain media files, there are playlists formats that accepts only video

files for example WXV.

The creator when making a playlist will check out whether files are compatible with output playlist type or not, so in the result some of output files might have the reduced number of included files.


Commands available on the navigation bar


Create Playlists

Start creating playlists out of selected files or folders in File Browser.
 Opens Playlist Creator wizard


Opens help topic file



Cancel creation, button is visible in the bottom-right corner of main software window. It is visible only during the conversion.



This group contains a few options you may use:

Recursive Search

You can select the folders in File Browser as well, in that case playlists will be created out of all files from all folders and sub folders as well.

Include Playback Duration

Check media files playback duration and include it into playlists data.

This option may slow a little the playlist creation process.


Create simple M3U playlist

Create simple M3U playlist type when creating M3U playlist


Include Full File Path

Include full file path of media files otherwise relative file path will be included

Replace existing playlists

Select if you want to overwrite existing playlists, if not and a playlist already exists then a new name will be assigned automatically.