Bookmarks Toolbar

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Bookmarks Toolbar

The following commands are available to use with Bookmarks System and are located on the Bookmark's window toolbar:



Click on this button to start the playback of selected bookmark. The file will play from the start to finish time.
To play file in whole use master Play button instead.

This command has only effect if a bookmark has a file specified.



Pauses the playback



Stops the playback



Moves to previous bookmark



Moves to next bookmark


Add Playlist

Add playlist as bookmarks files from selected playlist from Playlists Database
This menu already contains all your playlist that you have collected in your database



This group contains a few general options for the bookmarks system


Turn on at startup

Select this option if you want to load last used list and start the playback of its bookmarks when Bookmarks window opens


Playback Order

Playback order options. here you can choose how the bookmarks will be played

Single File

Plays selected bookmark media file one time only.

Play In Order

Player will play all files in the order they appear on a list of bookmarks to play.

Play At Random

Instead of playing the files in the order they appear on the list. Player will select a bookmark's file at random to play


The playback of current bookmark's file is repeating until is manually stopped



Menu that contains two buttons:


Lists Collection

These buttons opens a Print Preview window where from you may print current Bookmarks List or Lists Collection

You can export the data to many external formats like PDF HTM TXT and more.